Sweat Lodge

Reconnecting to our natural selves


A sweat lodge (Temazcal on Inipi) is an ancient and sacred purification ceremony, a return to the womb of our mother earth for healing.
Our sweat lodges are built using wood poles covered with layers of blankets to retain the heat and keep complete darkness – which is representative of the “womb”.
During the ceremony hot rocks are placed in the centre of the lodge. These hot rocks are known as the “Grandparents” – They represent the “wisdom of time”.
There are four rounds during the sweat in line with the four directions – east, south, west, and north. Each round lasts approximately ½ hour.
During this time we sit in silence, join in with the songs and enjoy the powerful heart beat of the drum. We pray in all of our different beliefs; calling for the support of our ancestors and spirit guides. We give thanks for the “purpose” and opportunity to celebrate our lives, and in this way connect with the people from all over the world. This is a time where many people experience inspiration, instruction, purification, visions release and rejuvenation.

Our sweat lodges are safe for people of all ages and abilities, including children.

If you have not previously attended one of our sweats, have any concerns about your ability to participate or need more information about whats involved please contact Dominic dom1961@hotmail.co.uk or sign up on my email list and I will send you details and dates.

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